Platformly Review: How it fares as a all in one marketing platform

If you are into growing your business with marketing automation tools and busy management methods in an easy way then Platformly is the right tool for you. Platformly is an all in one tool consisting of multichannel automation for marketing and managing business. It is a total one stop solution for making the best use of marketing strength of a company by taking care of attributions related to email listings, tracking of engagements across various campaigns and networks throughout the pool of email marketing campaigns. This all in one tool helps in better understanding of marketing activities that help in bringing more sales, identifying loyal customers and what clicks in making most sales.

Key features of Platformly tool

  • The business dashboard- One of the most important feature of the tool is the dashboard. It fully customizable. The dashboard showcases real time data in overview format of what is happening to business. This helps in extracting the exact needful strategies to implement with timely data with right drill down capability.
  • Email marketing – One of the biggest plus point of the tool is that it can deliver right email to the right person at the right time. Using platformly’s visual email builder one can send ideal responsive campaign driven emails and broadcast it as well. The tool is said to have best delivery rates.
  • CRM- the CRM by platformly is a hub point where in one location a business can manage and strengthen their customer relationships. A business can see through the overview all contacts and can choose any contact to see the detail history and associations with them. The data in CRM is automatically update don real time basis.
  • Tracking links- The all in one Platformly tool is the perfect command center for campaign management. The functions of seamless tracking, interactions of users, sales and growth and everything in between.
  • Marketing Automation- Turning cold traffic into event driven channels and making them personalized for better experience. The automation is seamless process without writing a single code. 
  • Lead Capture – Through platformly’s lead capture function one can use easy to customize drag and drop down interface to make campaigns launch immediately. There are customer acquisition functions, behavior analysis based opt in forms and much more to make the tool function in proactive way. 
  • Analytics and reports – All the business tracking data can be easily accessed through real time analytics and insights dashboard. This feature helps in studding the data and measuring the correct strategies to implement to shape up more growth for the business or the brand.

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