This website availability Service Level Agreement is applicable to you if you have purchased any of our Plan and you are in good financial standing with ethicaLead.

Core Functionality of ethicaLead (what we offer): is one of the leading Digital Brand Management. We believe in Organic flow of work and adhere to ethical practice. We are working for some time and are enriched with some top professionals across the globe. We try to satisfy our client base with our genuine workshop management which keeps on updating with the latest trend. Our work flows are no rocket science but hardcore research management which we are doing 24×7. Our sole goal is to enhance the Brand Development standard with a world class customer service management.      


Our commitment to you:

We are committed to show the transparency to the fullest with our work flow. Our ever growing Progress Report Management (related to every plan) would further add the establishment. We believe in constant communication with our client so we value the customer service management the most. Client could call us anytime between 11to 6 pm (IST). We also offer Google Hangout chat, Skype chat, Website’s Own Custom Chat for more convenience. And when it comes to email service we are 24/7 accessible. You would get a reply for your mail instantly and with the detail answering. You could also communicate with us on our Brand Social Pages.    

Availability & the result of services:

– We promise the work flow and we promise the ever growing ranking and traffic of your website and we promise the website design as per your requirement. There is no second thought on that.

– If you purchase our Graphics, Videos, Apps, or any Software made by our team, and you get charge on the basis of Copyright Infringement then we are held responsible for it.

– But one important thing must be told when it comes to SEO, Traffic, & Lead Conversion related plans in particular is that, these are not rocket science and there is no fixed formula of result. It’s an ever growing sector and this is the only sector apart from Stock market where the fluctuation would be maximum. No one knows the exact algorithm of Search engine ranking and the traffic flows norms (we analyze with our experience but can’t guarantee though we are mostly accurate). Only years of experience could handle and guess the algorithm and its flow. You could see many SEO companies would promise that result will happen in 6 months time or in 9 months time and so on and on but this is absolutely wrong and this thing does not exist (it could be even in 2 months’ time for that matter). Result can or in that mater will start happening once the Domain Audit of the site is done. But the most important thing that no one would say and that the result would fluctuate. Yes if you have a keyword which is ranking in no 10th position (means Google first page) it could go to 30th position (goggle 3rd page) in the very next day. There is no guarantee in that and no company should guarantee that, but yes you could cover it very well and you could maintain the position for a longer period of time and you could compete all the time with your authority and high profile link posting.   

Reason of the availability & the result of services (in respect of SEO, Traffic, Lead Conversion related plans):

If there is a drastic change in the ranking and downgrade of traffic then there should be a reason for it and the most important reasons are:-

– Google has changed its latest algorithm to counter spam promotion and many genuine sites also got hit.

– If there is a sudden change in the design of the site or a drastic Domain Audit work change (like navigation change, homepage massive change, linking structure, content changing etc)

– Competitor sites are performing better for that keyword

– Any spam or grey hat or a black hat promotional practice.

– The hosting server failure (if the hosting partner fails to load or performs badly)

– If the site is hacked

– Errors caused by you from custom coding or scripting at your end.

– Just a temporary update which would be settled in a few days.

– It’s a fluctuating sector and the result would go through a constant up and down and no one can change that with a constant performance (unless the site has completed few years and has a high page rank achieved)


Customer Service Inconvenience (Situation where you can’t access or connect to ethicaLead team)

We believe that no company can sustain if there is a loopholes in the customer service management. Those who does that don’t know the true meaning of it. We believe and trust it and on each passing day we are keeping on upgrading our service management to meet the ever growing customer’s demand.  But yes sometimes there could be a miscommunication between our customers and us and there could a whole lot of reasons behind it. We are just highlighting the main points but that does not mean that these things will happen or frequently happen. It might not happen in a year or so or could happen within a span of a month. So customers have to understand the situation.

Here are some of the highlighted points:

– Failure of telecommunication

– Failure of digital transmission links

– If our hosting server is down or overloading.

– Email server down

– We are migrating our hosting server

– Special holidays

–  If the whole ethicaLead network has been hacked.  (We will; recover no worry but would take few days as we know how to combat hackers)

You agree ethicaLead has no control of availability of services on a continuous and/ or uninterrupted basis. We are not held responsible for these above grounds.


Termination of the contract in the time of:

– Non payment for the service over a period of time (ethicaLead team would decide how far the situation is and then only would take the call) 

– Creative differences (suppose the client is forcing to go the black hat route and spam promotion)

– Any verbal or written abusive behavior from the client’s part.

– Any lawful or illegal activities under the jurisdiction act.

For more see the “Reserve the Rights” clause below

You agree ethicaLead has no control of availability of services on a continuous and/ or uninterrupted basis. We are not held responsible for these above grounds.


Time schedule / Breach of contract in case of Traffic, SEO & Lead Conversion related services:

SEO & Visitors & Conversion are like stock market as they fluctuate all the time. From ranking to traffic to page authority everything fluctuates. There should not be any such breach of contract as such and it does not exist in this sector but something are guaranteed (the work flow and Progress report management)  which would ensure that the work is happening and the site is getting the ranking juice and other top class authority juice. The value the site is getting could be visible in a very short span of time and that is guaranteed.

Security of your data / Sending sensitive data:

You are responsible in time of placing an order, mailing us or in the time of filing up a form and sending, we are not responsible if you are not aware of your PC arrangement and browser security.

We never store your personal data especially your transaction data so it’s your duty to protect your hidden and personal info through various forms like – using virtual keywords, manual typing of your transaction sites, calling us and telling us your confidential data instead of direct mailing us or through form sending, ensure the confidentiality of your password.

Please do not provide your sensitive information or disclosure to our agents/executives etc like login details, passwords, banking info etc on any chat. You may also not make any personal disclosure like bank data or password on any chat with anyone. All such commitments, disclosures and interactions would solely be at your own risk and ethicaLead do not deem valid or vouch for the authenticity of all such interactions. ethicaLead recommends that for all complex and advanced issues customer duly call us and talk to our managers and then as per their suggestion do the needful. Alternatively they can also mail to our main mail id (

Copy and Back up of your transaction data:

We won’t be held responsible to resend your transaction info if you lost it. So it is suggested always make a backup by saving your transaction data.

Reserve the rights:  

– Modify its pricing, if desired by ethicaLead from time to time;

– Establish guidelines and limits concerning the use of the services;

–  Terminate Your use of services for use of our services to unnecessarily/illegally harass ethicaLead third parties, non-payment of fees for our services, activities designed to embarrass, defame, harm, threaten, abuse, slander/ stalk third parties, activities prohibited by the laws of India and/or foreign territories in which You conduct business, activities designed to encourage unlawful behavior by others, such as terrorism, child pornography, hate crimes, activities that are tortuous, obscene, vulgar, invasive of the privacy of a third party, ethnically, racially, or otherwise objectionable in the sole opinion of ethicaLead or declared by the law of land, activities designed to harm minors in any way, activities designed to impersonate the identity of a third party, and other activities whether lawful/unlawful that ethicaLead determines, in its sole discretion, to be harmful to its other customers, reputation or operations;

– Terminate Your use of services if Your use of services results in, or is the subject of, legal action or threatened or proposed legal action, against ethicaLead or any of its affiliates/partners, without considering for whether such legal action or threats or proposed legal action is eventually determined to be with/without merit; and

– Terminate Your use of services at any time and for any reason if deemed reasonably necessary by ethicaLead.

We reserve the right at our discretion to make changes to this policy at any time. Please review this page periodically for changes.

Refund of money only in the case of:

Normally no refund once the transaction is done. But if you are not happy with any plan and want a refund then you could do that by calling or mailing us but yes you have to provide a valid reason behind your removal. If we found your points are logical then we will refund the money. It’s not about money it’s about reputation after all.

Mail us instead of doing any action:

– If you see any problem and you are unaware then mail us and consult us before doing any action. You could also call us but you have to mail us the situation which is needed for the documentation.  

Contact us for query or can call us:

You could mail us at for any further query if you have any. We would love to serve you instantly.   



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