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To provide consultancy for preparing of all sorts of corporate law.

Team Members

More than 150 Team Members. Featuring some
of our members.

Our group members are working non stop since last 14 years. Our expertise comes from every department. And we have the best working environment since ages. Complete Your Project Deadline

Suvran Roy Team Member

Suvran Roy

Founder & CEO
Naomi B. Turney Team Member

Naomi B. Turney

Business Developer

Jinia Gupta

Creative Ops
Nisha Singh Team Member

Nisha Singh

Quality Control
Ethan Shaw Team Member

Ethan Shaw

Project Developer
Sandeep Aggrawal Team Member

Sandeep Aggrawal

Business Analyst
Juana J. Hurley Team Member

Juana J. Hurley

Digital Marketer
Ultan Moore Team Member

Ultan Moore

Digital Marketer
Victor T. Scales Team Member

Victor T. Scales

Web Developer
Emily Sanford Team Member

Emily Sanford

Content Developer
Rohit Singh Team Member

Rohit Singh

Web Developer
Subir Mondol Team Member

Subir Mondol

Social Media Marketer
Anju Aggrawal Team Member

Anju Aggrawal

Social Media Marketer
Anju Aggrawal Team Member

Anju Aggrawal

Social Media Marketer
Koyel Roy Team Member

Koyel Roy

Web Designer
Srivani Mandapaka Team Member

Srivani M

Content Developer
Varsha Preman Team Member

Varsha P

Content Developer
David Walker Team Member

David Walker

Web Designer
Srikanth Ramulu Team Member

Srikanth Ramulu

Digital Marketer
Venkat Subramaniam Team Member

Venkat S

Digital Marketer
Prabin Dangol

Prabin Dangol

Web Designer
Priya Srivastava Team Member

Priya Srivastava

Customer Care
Namita Biswas Team Member

Namita Biswas

Amit Das Team Member

Amit Das

Sandeep Kumar Yadav Team Member

Sandeep Yadav

Digital Marketer
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